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Are you looking for high-grade, durable packing materials that will keep your belongings safe whilst they’re being transported from A to B or in storage? Black Diamond Removals stocks a wide selection of premium packing supplies that offer a durable solution to all your packing needs. Our options include everything from roomy tea chests and wine cartons to Butcher’s paper, port-a-robes, packing tape and picture boxes.

The packing supplies we provide are sourced from reputable manufacturers, that create robust, high-quality packaging that keeps possessions of all shapes and sizes safely and securely stowed.

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We Offer Affordable Packing Supplies For Your Move

The packing supplies we offer include both generic and tailored options, providing everything needed for your move. When it comes to storage, our tea chests, wine and book boxes, archive boxes and picture boxes provide enough space to pack your possessions safely and securely. If you need to wrap fragile items, we sell Butcher’s paper and tape, enabling you to pack more delicate belongings safely.

When it comes to bespoke storage, we can supply port-a-robes (specialist storage for garments that minimise the risk of creases) and zip-loc moving bags (perfect for bed linen, towels, cushions and other odds and ends).

To protect your furniture whilst it’s in transit, we sell covers for two- and three-seater couches, chairs and mattresses.

Archive Box$4.95
Book/Wine Carton$4.00
Standard Box / Tea Chest$5.95
Picture Box$6.95
Butchers Paper – 2.5kg$19.95
Butchers Paper – 5kg$34.95
Butchers Paper – 15kg$74.95
Moving Bac (Zip Carry Bag)$4.95
Tape Dispenser$29.95
Packing Tape (per roll)$4.95
Dining Chair Cover (2 pack)$9.95
Lounge Chair Cover (2 pack)$13.95
3 Seater Lounge Cover$19.95
Single Mattress Cover$9.95
Queen Mattress Cover$12.95
King Mattress Cover$19.95
2 Bedroom
  • 15x Book & Wine Boxes
  • 15x Tea Chest Boxes
  • 1x 2.5kg Packing Paper
  • 2x Packing Tape
3 Bedroom
  • 20x Small Boxes
  • 30x Large Boxes
  • 15kg Packing Paper
  • 4x Packing Paper
4 Bedroom
  • 30x Small Boxes
  • 30x Large Boxes
  • 15kg Packing Paper
  • 4x Packing Tape
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We Offer A Wide Range Of Moving Boxes For All Your Moving Needs

When you’re going from one place to another, whether it’s within the same state or not, you naturally want to make sure you have boxes to suit the scale of your relocation. Your belongings need certain containers to keep them safe on the journey, especially along any bumpy roads, and Black Diamond Removals stocks a comprehensive range of boxes, in various sizes, to make your move much easier.No matter what belongings you’re wanting to transport throughout Illawarra or beyond, we have the right containers available for you, including:
  • Archive Box
  • Book/Wine Carton
  • Standard Box
  • Tea Chest
  • Picture Box
  • Port-a-Robe

Our Packing Supplies Are Ideal For Fragile Items

Not everything you own can sustain hours of transit without help – which is why we offer packing supplies that will keep your fragile items safe, no matter the route or journey. This includes packing paper that fills up empty space in boxes, preventing items from moving around and potentially crashing into one another – this is one of the most common causes of in-transit damages. We can also provide high-quality furniture covers to keep your chairs, sofas, bedding, and other belongings safe. However fragile your items might be, we have the resources, and the experience, to help you protect them.

The Importance Of Using Proper Packing Materials

It’s paramount that you use trusted packing materials for your move instead of resorting to whatever’s nearby, such as old plastic bags that can easily rip. Here are just a few reasons why you should use special packing materials when you move to a new location:
  • Specialised boxes help to limit damages from any bumpy roads.
  • Tailored options can match the exact dimensions of your items.
  • These materials are always brand new – without wear and tear.
  • Boxes stop your items from moving around too much in transit.
  • Your bags from home may not sustain the weight of your items.
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Packing Tips & Tricks

Before the day of a significant move in Wollongong, or another part of Illawarra, it helps to understand the tips and tricks that could make this experience much easier for you and the entire family. These tips include:
  • Empty your drawers; you may want to use this to save on space – but this just makes it less practical to move in and out of a building. Remove your belongings from the drawers and place them in one of our moving boxes for a much more convenient carrying solution.
  • Label each box and bag; even if you trust you’ll be able to remember what’s in each container, this could still help you further down the line. For example, if you want to unpack your items as efficiently as possible, a label shows you exactly what is in each container.
  • Use packing paper to your advantage; you never know what the journey ahead will be like – so packing paper can be vital for protecting your items. Even non-fragile items may crash into each other, and stuffing the boxes with paper helps to limit the chance of any damage.
  • Be smart about the weight of your items; every container you use has a weight limit, so make sure you never exceed this when packing. Pack heavier items at the bottom of each box or bag, and lighter items at the top to make sure there’s an even distribution of weight.
  • Start well in advance; packing can be quite time-consuming, so be sure to begin storing your least-used items up to several weeks before a move. This gives you time to figure out if you have the right amount of boxes and how to comfortably pack all your items together.
  • Securely close each container; if you can’t close your boxes, this is a pretty significant hazard and could make your items more vulnerable to damage if you aren’t careful. After you close these boxes, use our packing tape to make sure they stay closed.
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When you’re getting ready for a big move, it’s essential that you use the right boxes and supplies to protect all of your belongings. This way, you’ll be able to easily unpack them without any worries after the journey is over, and you arrive at your new home. If you need help securing high-quality moving boxes and packing supplies in Wollongong and beyond, contact Black Diamond Removals, or call us at 0434 385 661.


Are your packing materials recyclable?

Yes! Our packing materials are either recyclable (Butcher’s paper, for example, can be recycled when no longer required) or reusable. Many people choose to keep their packing materials in case they need to move again, or pass them on to friends or family who are planning a move.

Can I use my own packing materials for a move you're completing?

Clients are welcome to use their own packing materials if they wish. If you want to optimise the safety and security of your goods, we recommend using packing materials that are robust enough to provide the dependable protection your goods need.

Unfortunately, inadequate packing is a key cause of damaged goods – why risk a breakage, scrape or bump to your valued possessions when a few dollars is all that’s needed to acquire all the premium packing materials needed to do the job properly?

What are the advantages of specialist packing materials?

Specialist packing materials are designed to give goods the durable, long-lasting protection they need. Particularly on a longer trip, or where storage is involved as part of the moving process, it’s vital that boxes and bags can withstand handling and movement. High-grade packing materials are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes – specialist packaging such as port-a-robes ensures items that are challenging to move can be effortlessly transported with minimal risk.

Can you provide advice on packing goods correctly?

Yes! We are happy to offer advice, or, for a hassle-free move, why not ask us to do your packing for you? Note we provide FREE packing materials for moves where we do the packing.

How much packing material will I need?

To help homeowners select the right amount of packing materials for their needs, we offer three different sized packages, suitable for a two-, three- or four-bedroom property respectively. These contain the amount of materials that, over the years, we’ve found is sufficient. Remember it’s always possible to buy more materials if you feel you’re running short.

Why use a port-a-robe for clothing?

A port-a-robe is designed to store clothing without creasing it. It incorporates a rail on which garments can be safely hung, like a mini wardrobe. The sides of the port-a-robe are opaque cardboard, preventing sun damage to the garments during transit or storage.

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