Moving house inevitably entails upheaval and a stack of additional tasks that need to be completed so that the process goes smoothly. One of the most important jobs is to inform everyone that needs to know about your change of address. It’s surprising how easy it is to overlook telling an organisation that you’ve moved – unfortunately, having an incorrect address on your records can cause all sorts of problems further down the line.

To simplify the process, Black Diamond Removals have put together a checklist that covers all of the agencies, organisations, companies and other interested parties that you’re on the move. We recommend going through the list methodically and in order – we’ve started with those organisations to whom providing correct contact information is vital (and, in some cases, a legal obligation). Further down the list are contacts that need to know you’ve moved, but who may be able to wait a week or so to be contacted. 


Arrange A Redirection At The Post Office

Your first port of call should be to the Post Office to arrange a mail redirection. For a small fee, mail for you that goes to your old address can be redirected to your new address. Depending on the amount you pay, redirection can be in place for up to a year.

Contact The Government

ATO, Medicare and the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) all need to be given your new contact details as a matter of importance. If you update your contact details on the myGov website, ATO and Medicare will have access to your new address. The AEC can also be notified electronically of a change of address. Having the wrong address can significantly delay the resolution of a variety of important matters, potentially putting you at risk of a fine for the late return of required information because the request went to your old address.

Update your driving licence! Although you have a few months to do this, we advise getting it changed ASAP, before you forget about it. If you’re moving out of state, you’ll also need to update your vehicle’s registration.

ISP/Phone Lines

If you’re moving house, you’ll need to let your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and landline provider (they may be the same) know that you’re changing address. For customers who intend to keep the same provider, arrangements will need to be made to disconnect the service from the old address and supply the new one. The amount of notice required varies from provider to provider. We recommend contacting them as soon as you know you’re moving, to make sure you know what an appropriate timeframe for giving notice of a move is.

Electricity, Gas And Water

You will need to let your utility companies know that you’re on the move. You’ll also need to take final readings for your utilities on the day that you move out, even if you’re keeping the same providers.

Your Bank

Not only does your bank need to know where to send letters relating to your account, but a letter from your bank is also often used as a form of ID. For these reasons, letting your bank know that you’ve moved is important.

Insurance Policies

If you have a home and/or contents insurance policy, your new address won’t be covered until you inform the insurer of the change. Vehicle insurance may not be valid either, particularly if you have cover in case of theft from the usual overnight parking spot.

Everyone Else

This category includes friends, family, clubs, community groups, schools, the gym (if you have a membership) and any other people who would benefit from knowing that you’ve switched addresses. Don’t forget organisations you only use occasionally, such as your dentist, vet (if applicable) or legal advisor.

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