Wollongong's cheapest price removal cartons/boxes.

Black Diamond Removals sells Removal CARTONS, Removal Boxes, Moving Boxes, Packing Cartons and Packing Boxes. Please call our office to arrange pickup.

We stock the two most popular sizes of cartons.

The cartons we stock are double corrugated cardboard boxes, therefore very strong.

Box Sizes

Tea Chest Boxes :    
Length: 431mm  Width: 406mm  Height: 596mm

Book/Wine Boxes:   
Length: 406mm  Width: 298mm  Height: 431mm

Removal Boxes Pickup Prices

Tea Chest:      $4.00 each   
Book / Wine:   $3.00 each     
Removal Boxes Delivery Prices
Tea chest Boxes:    $6.00each Minimum 10 cartons

Book/Wine Boxes:  $5.00each Minimum 10 cartons